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A Healers Way was birthed through me from my traumatic life experiences and a passion to live a life of service helping others heal from emotional blockages. The container I create is one of spaciousness to be, exactly as you are, to feel exactly as you feel and to own exactly where you are, this will create a solid foundation for you to rise and clear away old energy and blockages.

I see too often people racing to rise out of their wounds by suppressing and bypassing the necessary work. There seems to be a lot of shame around "not feeling ok", owning this first step is potent medicine for one's healing journey. This container is for people who are ready to invite healing into their lives and transform their wounds into wisdom.

This is life transformational work that will have a tremendous impact on various aspects of your life such as:

Improved self esteem

Self Confidence

Reconnect back to your own source of power

Overall happiness

Clearing anxiety and depression

Releasing emotional and mental blockages

Calming your nervous system

Living from your authenticity

Improved relationships

Letting go of the past

A sense of freedom to enjoy the simple pleasures of life

Upgraded mindset with plenty of education

Increased intuition and connection to the self

Tools that will last you a lifetime to continue your own self healing journey

This 6 month journey is a deep dive into the most important conversation of all, you! I will guide you on this healing path to transform your mind, emotions and energy.

What we will be doing:

Embracing the dark and light within, this container will ask of you to sit with uncomfortable emotions and hard truths for the purpose of healing and growing past old limitations that keep you from the happiness you so deserve. We will be embodying change by connecting mind with body and emotions, to allow these aspects to work together in harmony rather than against each other.

What we won't be doing:

Allowing you to keep dysfunction that blocks your road to embracing the expansiveness of your authentic self. 

“Heal, so you can live your most authentic life."


12 x 1 hour & 30 minute one-on-one sessions a fortnight for 6 months (Coaching & Energy Healing)

Including fortnightly (in-between sessions) support via WhatsApp

3 x In-person Group Meditation Classes with A Healers Way Participants ; dates and place TBA

6 x pre-recorded content on The Principles of Healing


10 x guided meditations

A Healer's Way Journal prompts workbook

The sessions will include coaching and the potent medicine of Reiki Healing

A mind, body and soul approach to encompass all of you

Price of offering:

SALE Price: $393 per month for 6 months

Total $2,358

Payment options:

Upfront payment

Three monthly instalments

Six monthly instalments

Fortnightly instalments

Frequently Asked Questions:

Start date?

February 2023.

Is this an in-person or online offering?

Both, I will work with people who would like to come see me. However if that is not achievable due to location or other challenges then I offer zoom calls also.


What will the coaching sessions include?

The coaching sessions will include a very safe space for you to explore your life experiences, challenges and blockages. In this exploration we will be looking at ways to release and to embody a new way forward that is in more alignment with your soul journey.


What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a method of energy healing, using universal life force energy to clear away stagnant energy in the body to realign the energetic centres of the body. Energy healing in my belief, plays an integral part in one's healing journey. We can't only work with the mind, the body needs to be worked with also, the two are interconnected. The body needs to be on board with healing otherwise all is lost. Quite often I can get to releasing blockages that clients don't even know are present. The process involves a gentle hands on approach. 

How do you feel after a Reiki Healing?

It depends on where you are and what is going on in your life, generally my clients leave feeling very calm and balanced, like they have just let go of baggage.

Is Reiki healing safe?

Very safe, it's the most beautiful spiritual medicine and it's done with complete love and respect for one's journey. It is safe for pregnant women also.

What other benefits does Reiki provide?

It will enhance your intuition, spiritual growth and connection to all of life.

Does Reiki healing work if you're not there in-person?

ABSOLUTELY, energy is not effected by location. As a master practitioner I can clear energy from someone who is not physically present as well as clear energy in the past and send to the future.

Will this journey surface old trauma or things I have suppressed?

Yes and yes. This journey is not for the faint hearted, please do not enter this container if you are not ready or willing to be with what is inside of you.

If I can't make a one-on-one session can I reschedule?

Yes you sure can!

How many times will we do a healing?

Every second session I will do a healing, however this depends on the individual.

What is the journal workbook about?

Self inquiry through non-judgement brings to the surface what is present, the journal is full of questions for you to enquire within and expand your awareness.

What else do I need to know?

I MUST inform you that I provide the most loving, safe and warm space. HOWEVER, this journey is not for the faint hearted as I have already said. Please be ready to face your fears and pain, to find the peace and joy you so deserve!! You must be accountable for your own journey, and I am equally accountable as your coach and healer to guide you.​

I have studied psychology, spirituality, energy healing and the human condition for the last 9 years. I'm so passionate about helping others, and believe that we can heal our lives no matter the circumstance!

Don’t just take it from me though, here is some love from my clients:

You have been such a Godsend for me over the last couple of years. Thank you so much for getting me out of the burnout hole with such physical and mental drainage. I am in such a better place now all thanks to your guidance, empathy and treatment, things are just going to get better for me. You have given me so many tools and tips to continue on my healing path of health and happiness. Reiki and meditation have become so important to me, working with you has been the best money I have ever spent.

Kendall F, Perth
Before I meet Stephanie I was emotional, angry and had lost all direction and enjoyment in life. I had just been through an extremely traumatic, unplanned birth experience and was struggling terribly. Whilst working with Steph I had so many ahhhh haaaa moments. I recall very clearly asking for help coping with the fact I was terrified to enjoy anything incase I was presented with another traumatic experience. I was shocked yet relieved and enlightened for the answer to be that the fear, anger and upset was really coming from confidence. I was frightened I wouldn't be able to deal with a trauma again and in fact I had shown over and over again how capable and strong I was. Because of the way Steph coached me I now feel confident, happier, and in control of my emotions. I believe that Steph’s guidance was a life changer for me and a life saver in so many ways. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who is feeling lost or needs assistance with life skills.
Sarah Tuhoey, Melbourne
This has been an amazing learning journey, more people need to be committed to their wellbeing and remembering how precious we all are. Thanks to the help of Stephanie I have found purpose.
Lucia F, Perth
Stephanie is an incredible woman, she radiates beauty inside and out. She makes you feel loved and supported, like you actually matter as an individual. She shows the same love equally and really reinforces what being a woman means and how powerful and meaningful we are to this world.
Sloane, Perth

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is

the only condition for happiness.

Enrolments for February 2023

are now open to work

with me in a 6 month healing container

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