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A Healers Way

Thank you for choosing me to be your guide, my life purpose is to serve and I live this mantra daily, serving my family and those lives I get too touch. I want you to know my heart, soul and unconditional love gets poured into each of my clients. You are not a number to me, so much of the coaching space has become about numbers and the next testimonial, this is why I only will work with a limited amount of people. This offering was created because it's not right to know something that can enhance people's lives and not share it. I look forward to our journey together, if you have any questions please reach out to me at

All my love, 

Stephanie xx

Payment Option One

Upfront payment $2,780

Payment Option two:

3 payments of $666

Payment Option three:

6 monthly payments of $333

Shades of White Stone

The soul knows what it needs to do to heal itself.

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