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Centre your mind, body & soul

Six Week Meditation Workshop for Women

This workshop is for..
Busy women
Soul seekers
Those in need of healing & balancing
Most importantly..
It's for women who are ready to commit to themselves!!
About this course:
"Meditation is more then just a practice; it is a way of being."
Stephanie D'Ovidio
We all know that life is demanding, these days there are greater stressors on women to fulfil the task of playing many roles from her home life to her career and everything else in between. It is important that our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are kept in alignment with our source, the essence of who we are.
Or to put it more simply connected to our soul.
Being connected with our soul means we transcend suffering, all suffering occurs and starts off in the mind. Once we can tap back into the source of who we are, our mind stops being in the drivers seat and rather our being takes over.
Then we can use the mind to a greater capacity and experience what the buddhist monks call nirvana;
a place like perfect peace and happiness, like heaven.
The benefits of meditation:
Counteracts the fight or flight response
Tap into our unconscious mind
Removal of negative thinking
Improved sleep
Better clarity of thought
Inner peace and harmony
Concentration improves
Overall health improves
Self healing
Lowers blood pressure
Relieves stress
These are just some of the benefits of this ancient teaching provides.
In this six week workshop we will be delving into the teachings of meditation, meditating and go on a journey of self discovery. It has been through my own experiences and the hundreds of women, men and teenagers I have worked with that for lasting change to occur we need two things; to be aware and to understand ourselves.
Class layout:
Week One: The importance of awareness
Week Two: Psychology of the brain
Week Three: How to transform your thoughts
Week Four: Who am I and what is my purpose
Week Five: Taking care of your own energetic field
Week Six: What is my innate energy, and how to work with it.
Each class is infused with:
Spiritual practices
Tools and strategies
Angel Cards
Essential oils
And SO much support
What you need;
An open mind and willingness to do what it takes!


Casey R, Perth

Thank you so much again for this wonderful course. The benefits your courses make to myself and my life are immeasurable. The lessons learnt to support my relationships with myself, family & friends have had such a positive impact. I have learnt new skills in my personal & professional life and feel I have grown even more myself. Thank you for sharing your love and kindness with me 

Lisa R, Perth

Steph is truly one in a million. Having never participated in any form of meditation before I have found this four week course very easy and breezy. The environment is safe and a friendly zone to share and be at peace. In love! 

Natasha D, Perth

Steph is great, such a loving caring person with the biggest heart. This made me feel very relaxed and comfortable to let my guard down. I couldn't recommend Steph enough.

Maria L, Perth

Stephanie, you're a gorgeous young woman! I would have liked to have had more time together. The introductions you gave were full of insight and informed the meditation. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your knowledge in a respectful, calm and supportive environment. I will be using what I gained here.

Aneka, R Perth

Stephanie is amazing!! She is so welcoming, knowledgeable and provides incredible guidance. I have enjoyed every moment of every workshop session!!


Anita, Perth

Thank you for everything you have given to me. I have totally changed my way of thinking and am in a better space.

Mariane M, Perth

Thank you Steph for this amazing experience. I have gained so much from your workshop. I've learned how to love myself again, how to let go of pain and hurt from others. And I have become so much more connected and enlightened. I now stop and enjoy the little things. You're so inspiring and I love listening to you!

Bronwyn H, Perth

This class has reconnected me back to me. I have been looking for this for a long long time and I am so grateful to have found it." 

Nannette P, Perth

A big thank you to you for being a guiding light and for helping me to explore the life-changing potential of meditation. I had my nieces wedding over the weekend and received so many messages from my angels. I am forever grateful for people like you who remind me of what is truly important in life.

About Me

meditation isn't just a practice; it is a way of being

Stephanie is a certified meditation teacher, reiki healer and life coach who guides women and men to heal their lives through a mind, body and soul approach. It's through her life experiences that she learnt what the human mind and energy field can conquer. And now spends her time helping others create lasting change.

The details:
New dates to be released in 2020
7.45pm to 9.15pm
Forte Physiotherapy
308 Walcott Street,
Menora WA
What you also receive:
Worksheets to keep you on track

To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul.


To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of. 


Because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.


Deepak Chopra

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