The happiest people I know, aren’t looking for happiness. They are the people who are willing to make the darkness conscious, to grow and restore their sense of self.

These people live from their soul state; this is true happiness!

Happiness itself can’t be a goal, let me explain. We have an array of emotions, and as a child we are continuously told to not get angry, don’t be sad, stop crying and so fourth. We grow up with these messages implanted like seeds in our minds and we water them each day until the neural pathways in our brain are formed and this becomes our norm.


We grow up thinking that feeling sad or angry is wrong, yet majority of humanity is walking around disconnected from themselves and in these states. We are constantly reminded through clever advertising and society that we need to be happy, and the way to reach this happiness is through the external objects, relationships, food, fame, fortune, appearances and success. People spend years suppressing their emotions due to shame or guilt, and it has adverse effects on their health, mental state, energy, relationships and life. 

My favourite saying is by Carl Jung.

“One does not become enlightened by imaging figures of light,

but by making the darkness conscious.”

In order to heal your life you must become aware of what is present within your mind, body and soul. I have worked with hundreds of women, men and teenagers through my workshops and one on one mentoring. I guide my clients to:

  • Let go of experiences

  • Heal the inner child

  • Upgrade their mindset 

  • Maintain energetic field

  • Reconnect with self love

  • How to live consciously

  • Reach their fullest potential

  • Live life on their terms

  • Change their vibration

Everything I have learnt through studying the human condition and through my own life experiences of trauma I teach to my clients. I use different healing modalities and provide easy strategies that can be implemented straight away to provide lasting change. I'm so passionate about helping others, and believe that we can heal our lives no matter the circumstance. I provide a very warm, safe and empowering environment, and act like your own personal coach championing you on and believing in your potential!

Don’t just take it from me though, here is some love from my clients:

For as long as I can remember, anxiety and worry had been a huge part of my life. It gradually became a daily struggle to keep the upsetting thoughts at bay. Having seen numerous physiologists, and having tried medication I eventually turned to a friend of mine for some life coaching sessions. These sessions helped me to review my entire life, I made positive changes to every aspect of my life and in turn my attitude, my energy and my happiness all started to dramatically improve. With help from Stephanie I re found my self-love and my self-worth. Stephanie was the turning point in my life and I recommend her to anyone who needs some guidance especially those suffering anxiety.

Sarah Ruggiero, Perth
Before I meet Stephanie I was emotional, angry and had lost all direction and enjoyment in life. I had just been through an extremely traumatic, unplanned birth experience and was struggling terribly. Whilst working with Steph I had so many ahhhh haaaa moments. I recall very clearly asking for help coping with the fact I was terrified to enjoy anything incase I was presented with another traumatic experience. I was shocked yet relieved and enlightened for the answer to be that the fear, anger and upset was really coming from confidence. I was frightened I wouldn't be able to deal with a trauma again and in fact I had shown over and over again how capable and strong I was. Because of the way Steph coached me I now feel confident, happier, and in control of my emotions. I believe that Steph’s guidance was a life changer for me and a life saver in so many ways. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who is feeling lost or needs assistance with life skills.
Sarah Tuhoey, Melbourne
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Reiki Healing

1 hour

Reiki Healing Session to balance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.


2 hours

Balance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Healing Modalities

Life Coaching

Strategies to create lasting change