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3 Guided Meditations to Release Stress

In my six years of experience through my own journey and working with hundreds of men, women,  teenagers and children it is evident that most people don't know how to use the potential of their own brain. Simply because we aren't taught how to. These guided meditations have been created to help you get out of your head and into your body, releasing stress and any negativity. 

The benefits of meditation include a never ending list, but most importantly a focused mind is of better use then a mind which is scattered. Think about it for a moment, if we constantly live in stress our brain will be so consumed by thoughts it struggles to make better quality decisions or have better quality thoughts. When we meditate we are retraining the brain to hear the thoughts that are bothering us, let go of them and recreate new thoughts that serve, support and nurture our lives.

I trust you will enjoy meditating each day with these recordings. If you don't already know I host workshops and work one on one with people to spread the joy of healing to others, and ignite your own power from within to live life on your terms.

Releasing Thoughts - Stephanie D'Ovidio
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Body Relaxation - Stephanie D'Ovidio
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Breath Meditation - Stephanie D'Ovidio
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