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Stop Trying To Be A Good Person

Do you still do any of these things....

Care about the opinions of others on you

Feel like your being judged

Care that you need to look a certain way

Care that you need to act a certain way so people like you

Have attachment to objects

Try keeping up to date with everyone else

Secretly trying to be better then everyone else

When people say you can't do something, you listen

Wait for people to acknowledge that you are a good person

Wait for validation from others to know that you are ok

Too scared to be different

Not doing the very thing you want to do because your scared of others opinions

Never speak up because your worried about the way you will look

Deciding not to shine so you don't upset anyone

You can say thank you to society for fucking up your thinking. I have totally been in this place, and it sucks and is totally a self defeating trap!! I've experienced being everyone else and not myself, because I didn't quite know who I was, what my values were, what I stood for and I had no idea it was ok to just be me. To not fit in a box that is so