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Are you in the midst of a life storm?

At some point in your life you may experience a real life storm, one that sweeps through your front door, causes havoc, brings about the greyest clouds and completely turns your life upside down!! Yes I have been there.. several times! My near death experience almost 4 years ago still continues to give me lessons about life and how to handle those unpleasant storms. Here are my go to strategies to help me through the tough times.

1. Surrender to what you cannot change

Repeat I surrender what I cannot change..

I am of the understanding that we can change a lot of things when something goes wrong, but sometimes we can't change what has happened. Instant gratification is not a thing in adulthood, unfortunately we aren't really taught this as children and can find ourselves feeling frustrated when things aren't going well. People also love to avoid pain, I mean who wants to feel pain right? But there is a whole process to go through when life hands you the most shittiest of times and there is no getting around it. So surrender to the idea of the way things should be, life doesn't work like this.

2. Gain Control of What You Can Change

I was hospitalised at 25 weeks pregnant for the remainder of my pregnancy, for the time I was there I developed a routine. Wake up, eat breakfast, take medication, wait for the cleaner and have a chat with her, shower, for the entire day watch gossip girl, see my husband and son from 3.30pm until 5.30pm, eat dinner, cry and go to sleep. Repeat. Basically every single day was like this apart from weekends. What I learnt from this though, was that during my storm I needed certainty because there was zero available to me, I had three conditions that each had the risk of making me bleed to death with our baby baking in my stomach. This routine would see me get through the day, and let me tell you everyday was hard for almost three months. All I had available to me was this simple routine to give me certainty and it did, I managed day to day like this. When your in a storm this generally can happen where your living just for today. Thankfully storms don’t last forever.

Ok so maybe your not stuck in a hospital bed, but what are the daily rituals or routines that you can do every single day that help create certainty within your mind that allows you to handle whatever the day is going to throw at you. For example Tony R