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Guilt Is The Root Of All Evil

Guilt Is the Root of All Evil - Latest Blog Post

I don't want to label but for the sake of getting my message across I need too so just bare with me.

I think we have been taught wrongly most of our lives. We are taught to be "good" and to do "good" and while I believe in doing what's "good" to contribute towards humanity. I think "good" carries a big weight for anyone to carry. Because your not always going to do good or be good. A mentor of mine said to a room once.

If you saw a lady outside a supermarket carrying shopping but was struggling would you stop and help her. Everyone in the room put their hands up.

Then she asked, what if it was raining. Some hands went down.

What if it was raining heavily and you had your kids with you. Some more hands went down.

What if it was raining, it’s your daughters birthday and you had to get home to set up. Further hands went down

What if it was your daughters 21st birthday and they were about to do the speech and it was your turn to speak. All hands went down. Nobody would of stopped to help this lady.

The moral of the story was that we are good with exceptions.

Why am I talking about this, because I see so many people beating themselves up about their wrong doings. Guilt is the root of all evil. Guilt breeds more weight, hate, darkness and keeps you locked in a cage. I see so many people unable to release this guilt they hold onto. It’s like it’s the only thing giving them oxygen, it keeps them breathing because if they continue to punish themselves then in some twisted way they will be forgiven. But the truth is they are never forgiven. How is it possible to be forgiven, when the very message your sending out is that your not of worthy of forgiveness.

Only people who can accept themselves flawed and all will accept they have made mistakes in the past, by not just owning up to them but making peace with the feelings of guilt. Loving yourself means loving yourself no matter what the mistake. An enlightened soul faces their pain, they face their ugly and still love themselves anyway. This love will then lead you to places where you will never do something that will cause you guilt again, because you now trust yourself. But to get here, there is a whole discovery that needs to go on about who you are, how far your willing to go to get back to your core self and how much depth you want to your soul. If you really want to do "good" for humanity, then start with you it's simple. The changes you make have ripple effects on those around you.

Remember your thoughts are energy, and that energy reflects into your life.

This journey is for the strong.

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