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Guilt Is The Root Of All Evil

Guilt Is the Root of All Evil - Latest Blog Post

I don't want to label but for the sake of getting my message across I need too so just bare with me.

I think we have been taught wrongly most of our lives. We are taught to be "good" and to do "good" and while I believe in doing what's "good" to contribute towards humanity. I think "good" carries a big weight for anyone to carry. Because your not always going to do good or be good. A mentor of mine said to a room once.

If you saw a lady outside a supermarket carrying shopping but was struggling would you stop and help her. Everyone in the room put their hands up.

Then she asked, what if it was raining. Some hands went down.

What if it was raining heavily and you had your kids with you. Some more hands went down.

What if it was raining, it’s your daughters birthday and you had to get home to set up. Further hands went down

What if it was your daughters 21st birthday and they were about to do the speech and it was your turn to speak. All hands went down. Nobody would of stopped to help this lady.

The moral of the story was that we are good with exceptions.