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How To Cleanse And Balance Your Home

Like it’s important to keep your body, mind and soul cleansed and balanced for optimum health, it is equally important to keep your home cleared of any unwanted energies. Lots of different energies enter your home each day depending on what cycle you’re experiencing in your life and who enters your front door. Sometimes you could be experiencing a season where everything is in working order and at other times one thing goes wrong after the other. This is the seasons of life and it’s what keeps us growing and evolving as human beings.

Energy can be stuck in our bodies causing blockages, so too can it happen in our homes bringing even more unwanted happenings. Generally if we are experiencing blockages in our lives, it’s a good idea to cleanse your home because your energy lives in your household as well.

Here is what I do to keep my house cleansed and balanced:

- Each day I burn White Sage Sticks, you can do this a couple of times a day. They are very cheap to buy, you can purchase a small piece of wood for the stick to sit in.

When the energy in my home feels stagnant I do this:

- Light my White Sage Incense Stick

- At my front door I move the stick all the way around the door frame and the floor tracing its outline (basically drawing a rectangle in the air). As I do this I ask for white and gold light to cleanse the energy and bring health and happiness into my home. I visualise this in my mind also as I’m saying it.

- I then wave the stick around in the area of the front door and hold the same intention in my mind. I will do this to all doorways or maybe just some of them depending where I feel the energy needs changing.