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12 Reasons Why You Should Have Reiki

Are there long periods of times where you feel exhausted lacking energy?

Do you feel like your energy field or body needs a good cleanse?

Do you want to grow spiritually?

Are you experiencing stress, anxiety or depression?

Are you wanting to create a compelling life, living it according to your terms?

Are you wanting to move out of the ego state and into your heart space?

Are you wanting to connect to your own energy field?

Do you want to connect to your core self?

Do you want to connect to source?

Do you want to heal areas of your life that are holding you back?

Do you want to remove any negativity from your life?

Are you experiencing grief or trauma?

I rave on about Reiki often because it has changed my life. It’s funny because I never imagined myself here today, being a Certified Reiki Practitioner amongst other things. But divine timing interfered and here I am today! After my trauma feeling hopeless and utterly heart broken I found myself on the doorstep of my mentor seeking guidance and healing. I have to share with you though I found so much more than that!

Everything vibrates energy from humans, animals, objects, food, plants etc even a piece of paper vibrates energy. We are made up of different cells, molecules and particles. We each have our own spiritual body or maybe you view it as energy like quantum physics describes or maybe you see energy as your connection to God/Jesus/Buddha/Allah etc. All are correct. The energy from this spiritual body then moves down into our mental, emotional and physical bodies. So you can see here that we receive energy from the universe that moves down through our bodies which in turn creates our life. If we are receiving or allowing negative energy in our spiritual body you can then see where this is heading, it will impact our lives and vice versa if we were to allow the divine's energy into our field. To keep your spiritual body or energy cleansed these are the practices I encourage and utilise in my life:

- Reiki healing

- Meditation

- Connecting with your own energy field

- Learning about consciousness

- Affirmations

- Being in nature

- Guidance from a mentor

The most important thing to note here is that these are not once in a lifetime things you should be doing. Going to one Reiki session is not going to heal your life, it will help in the interim but it won’t give you ever lasting change if that is what your searching for. It’s the same with meditation it’s no good practising once a month because you never build the muscle or learn what true meditation is. These are practices you adopt and use on a daily basis to keep your energy field free of negativity to create a healthy life from your energy field to your insides and out.

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