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What do you fill your brain with?

Something I have been exploring more in depth lately is that all information we have been exposed to in the form of knowledge and experiences throughout our lives is stored in the brain. It’s an interesting fact, who would of thought every single piece of knowledge or experience stays stored in our subconscious mind. Like for example watching the news, it’s full of fear based and egoic thinking. Or maybe you have had many experiences that have impacted your life. Then we wonder why there is so much anxiety in our society, because knowledge is readily available at a click of a finger particularly with social media. I want you to consider something, everything you read, watch or experience is causing new connections in your brain. Each time you are exposed to these things ask yourself is what I’m watching or reading helpful to my life, will it propel me forward and away from fear based thinking. If the answer is a flat no, well you know what to do; stop watching or engaging in it. And if you struggle to stop think about why you’re attached to that particular thing. Remember to feed your brain with stuff that matters, it can be so easy to fall into the trap of feeding it with the wrong knowledge and experiences. For example I very rarely watch TV or movies, only on the odd occasion with my family. You will always find me reading, watching or engaging in experiences that enrich my life.

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