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into Light.


Beautiful soul, join me for a 10 month transformative journey into creating an inner sanctuary within yourself that is overflowing with peace, connection and love.

We will literally be turning on your light; awakening you into your consciousness, and journey out of your blockages to align back with your core self.

Why am I offering this container and what

it has to do with the Energy Forecast for 2024?

This years energy is INTENSE. It is large. It is full on. It will look like alot of competing goals, juggling, huge growth (if you know how to work through the energy coming through) and change. This year it is important to stay grounded and not let this potent energy take you for a six and exhaust you. Be mindful with your children, this energy coming through effects them too so remember when they come home from school put the devices down and go outside to play. We need to return back to more simplistic ways of life, to not get sucked into societal ways of thinking that are damaging for the family unit and our emotional health.

We must return back to what matters most in our lives, to embrace more softness and joy as the energy is strong right now. We will be working to clear your auric field to maintain its health to receive the benefits of creating an inner sanctuary that feels good, that will transcend it's goodness to your family unit and the things that matter to you most.

I created this offering because more then ever we are needing to move back towards the light. In keeping ourselves in the light and light-hearted we will bypass the heavy energy that is coming through.

This healing container will be an experience of working together, to move your entire life in a direction of peace, light and joy. We will be:

* Reprogram your mind out of fear and into softness, beauty and all things meaningful to you.

Expanding your feminine range to receive more of what is in alignment with your higher self, being able to receive, hold and enjoy it.

* Undoing belief systems, patterns and emotions that keep you stuck and away from living your life with peace and happiness.

* Build self confidence, self esteem and delight in who you are. Allowing your authentic self to shine, and building the ability to have safety in fully expressing who you are.

* Embody spirituality and opening your channels to notice the guidance that is already available to you so you can self lead in your life journey.

* Connect with your intuition and spiritual guidance. Learn fundamental teachings that keep you connected to your spirituality and the beautiful energy that is in abundance to all of us.

* Explore your relationship with your partner/husband inclusive of; the importance of its health, healing your part in the relationship to deepen connection, learning skills to navigate challenges and moving towards a conscious relating style to receive the love that is available to you.

* Fully embracing your feminity, removing shame blocks and stuck patterns of thinking to allow you to feel comfortable in who you are at your essence.

*Feel connected, loved and supported no matter where you are on your life journey.

When we move towards the light, we have the opportunity to gift ourselves with healing and connection. It is our birthright to heal, it is for everyone not a selected few. We all deserve the gift of coming back to ourselves, to live in a more peaceful and joyful state of being while we grow and learn on this journey called life. Nobody escapes out of this journey without challenges, doubts or fears, its important to do the work that is necessary to help you soften back into your heart, and live from a connected state of being.

It doesn’t need to be so hard to do this. Yes, perhaps there are things you need to face and work through. Perhaps there are tears and pain you need to shed, in order to feel lighter. But it doesn't need to be hard, things only become hard when you stay unconscious to your suffering.

When we are suffering or stagnant, we move away from our own light and the guidance that is available to us. Imagine the possibilities that open up to you, when you accept the gift of intuitive insight into your whole life and self.

It has been my passion to help women over the last 9 years to turn their light on, to grow and experience the kind of life and connection that makes them feel fulfilled. 


This is for the woman who wants to learn a life-long way of being that will support;

Her expansion

Her family unit 

Her entire life

Expansion into Light is a multi-dimensional journey for women who want to heal, connect to their authentic selves, transform their relationships and awaken their spirituality.

10 month journey includes:

16 x 1.5 hour 1:1 Coaching & Energy Healing Sessions

These powerful sessions are tailored specifically to you, either in person or on Skype. In these sessions we will uncover all the ways you are blocked and work towards your healing and ideal outcomes. You will also receive Energetic Healings (in-person or distant healings) and a Monthly Angel Card Reading. There is a lot to discover about you in these sessions, and not enough room to write about it here. These sessions are a powerful experience. I do not offer group coaching as I believe this does not provide value, 1:1 allows us to explore unexplored territory.

2 x Group Sessions

A gathering of women coming together to meditate, learn and connect. If you are not located in Perth, you will be compensated with two extra 1:1 with me.

7 x Educational Modules 

The prerecorded modules will provided to you a little piece at a time over the course of 10 months. It is education to support you on your healing journey. 

20 x Guided Meditations

A range of recorded guided meditations that include  healing work, stress relief and to guide you connecting deeper with Spirit and the abundance of support in the spiritual realms.

Whats App Support

Your support doesn't just end in our sessions, you will receive support outside of our sessions, if questions or assistance is required.

Module One

Explore what it means to open your heart and release blockages that keep you away from being an expression of love.

Practices to help you build a spiritual life that is rich with intuitive guidance and support. Learning what spiritual connection is and isn't.

Understand the different ways you have been receiving spiritual guidance, yet disconnected from it.

Working to cleanse your auric field and maintain it's health, and create a spiritual life.

Opening your heart to receive spiritual guidance.

Module Two

Exploring the wounded child and how she forms coping mechanisms of perfectionism, people pleasing behaviour, self sabotage, overwhelm, over giving and dimming your light. Shine awareness into understanding yourself and release shame and guilt.

Explore societal and cultural norms that also contribute to the lineage passed down in our ancestral lines. 

Returning back to health and rewriting the Feminine Narrative and become your own parent.

Explore your inner child as the Feminine.

Module Three

Mother and sister wounding.

Exploring your relationship with your mother and untangling yourself to bring deep healing and restore your authentic self.

Healing the sister wound, to invite enriching relationships in your life that are built on a reciprocated love and trust.

Return to your primal connection to mother earth for nourishment, unconditional love and support.

Module Four

Exploring masculinity and how your wounding sabotages you receiving the love and provision you desire in your relationship with your partner and from God.

Healing the masculine wound to cultivate a trusting relationship with your own inner masculine energy, your partner and God.

Learn how to receive the life that is meant for you and co-create with Spirit as your guide. Returning back to health and rewriting your connection with the Masculine.

Masculine wounding and healing the Father wound.

Module Five

Healing your relational style and create conscious relationships.

Exploring the different relational styles and bring understanding to the parts of you to transform how you relate with others.

Practices to help you move towards a secure attachment relational style not only in partnership, but with your children and God.

What is a conscious relationship and how to build it with your partner and children.

Module Six

The feminines deep need to express.

Explore the feminine psyche and her need to express herself through different forms and archetypes, and how to allow this to surface and work with it in healthy ways.

Reconnect with safety in expressing yourself vulnerably from the heart without shame or judgement. Own your voice and expression fully.

Developing practices through body wisdom and intuition to honour the feminine expression within you.

Module Seven

Feminine leadership and owning your power.

Coming home to your own leadership, taking the reigns and listening to your own inner voice and Spirits voice to nurture your entire life.


Trusting in yourself; you are your own healer.

Establishing boundaries, prioritising your wellbeing and owning your choices.

Developing practices through body wisdom and intuition to honour the feminine expression within you.

Love from past clients:

                  " I am so very blessed to have crossed paths with Stephanie, and start my healing journey with this kind, gentle, beautiful soul. I found it so hard in the beginning to even articulate what I felt. Being shutdown to my emotions, thoughts and being stuck in life for so long make it so hard to express myself. Stephanie's patients, kindness and words that were so simple but life changing to me. Her ability to dig at what needed to be brought to surface is what makers her so perfect at what she does. The Reiki healings throughout the sessions brought lightness, clarity, good sleep and acknowledgement of my inner child who had been neglected for so very long. I can't express how much this journey with Stephanie has helped my everyday life, my family, friends and most importantly me. I feel I've been given permission to put myself first."  Georgia

                 "I met Stephanie almost 5 years ago when I was part of her meditation group, I also spent time working with her 1:1. Stephanie is the first person I ever had real and raw conversations with, she asked me the hard questions that I know I needed to answer but had been afraid to my whole life, this opened up a whole new world to me. I recently spent six months working with Stephanie to dig deep and work on healing myself in areas I knew I needed to work on, particularly old childhood patterns and grief. Stephanie offers a safe and confidential space which allowed me to open up and work thourgh the pain while feeling supported. Through the work we did together I was able to let go of some old beliefs and make way for the new, building self-esteem allowing me to explore the possibilities of what life can offer." Sloane


 10 x $499 a month.

Pay up front and receive $200 off

Other payment arrangements are welcomed to work with your financial position,

please contact me to discuss.

Expansion into Light
commences in March

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