"Don't just show up to your life, create your life!!"

Hi there amazing human,

I'm so glad you have stumbled onto my site!

I'm not sure exactly why you're here or what you're looking for, but I'm going to guess it has something to do with feeling unhappy and needing to unblock and shift some energy in your life.

Gosh I know this feeling all so well, I remember sitting on the couch once and asking myself is this it, is this my life!! You see I had this deep feeling within me that there was way more to my life than who I was showing up to be. I had every limitation you could think of, from I'm not smart enough, there is something wrong with me, I'm too damaged, I don't have enough time, who the hell is going to want to listen to me and the list goes on. I had every story you could imagine to keep myself small and they all seemed like justifiable reasons for me to stay blocked!

And it's not that I didn't have the motivation or desire to change, I really wanted it. I had read hundreds of books and listened to so many podcasts but STILL I couldn't just get out of my own way! Maybe you relate?

Then I learnt about trauma, and what trauma does to your mind and body. And it got clearer to me that we are all walking around with childhood trauma. After the last six years working with people it has become apparent to me that every single person on this planet has childhood trauma. This isn't to blame our caregivers for this, they are victims of victims. And I want to tell you that even the most loving home, there is still trauma. How many times a client has sat in my chair and said oh no my childhood was great, then five minutes into the session they are crying.

Trauma blocks our true selves.

Trauma wires our body neurologically to keep ourselves staying small.

Trauma keeps us in the fight or flight or freeze response with no immediate threat to our lives. It causes anxiety and depression, along with other labels which make us feel like we are stuck with these labels for life.

Trauma causes us to shut down and disconnect from those we love when really all we want is to do is reach out for love and connection.

Trauma causes us to disassociate out of our body so we don't need to feel our emotional load.


And my job with my clients is to work with them as a guide to recognise when trauma is leading their lives, and guide them from..  


When we release the energy of pain from our minds and bodies, we make space to live a purposeful life in every aspect. We live life on purpose with more joy and presence, and look forward to the things we can create and contribute too.  


It is my absolute honour to do this work and help transform lives!

Below is my story from pain to purpose, it has been one wild ride!

All my love x

My Story

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