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"Awaken to all that is within you and around you"

Stephanie has used her life experiences as her inspiration to create a life that is compelling and full of purpose. Five years ago at 25 weeks pregnant with her second child, she suffered with three conditions that put her life at risk of bleeding to death. In her darkest hour she learnt what the mind was capable of overcoming, surviving a near death experience with pure will and intention to survive. She used her grief and trauma to bring true happiness in her life, by taking back her own personal power instead of allowing fear to take over. Stephanie specialises in Human Behaviour, Meditation Teaching and Energy Healing to empower her clients to overcome obstacles in their life. Stephanie has hundreds of hours of experience in mentoring and teaching women, men and teenagers how to heal their life.

Stephanie is a self confessed spirit junkie with a grounded approach to her sessions, she believes we are capable of healing through shifting energy while aligning our mindset and actions to our highest visions for our lives. 

She also is a coordinator to promote blood donations and save lives. One of her highlights was speaking in front of 500 people at the Annual Blood Donor Recognition Ceremony to give back to the people who give so much.

Without them she wouldn't be here today!

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