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Be Kind to Your Mind

Cultivating Kindness Within:
Your Journey to Self compassion

White Plants
"Self-compassion meditation is your gateway to a kinder, more resilient self. This practice nurtures emotional well-being and enhances your connection with yourself, to bring a greater sense of inner peace and happiness."

The details:

A meditation workshop for women

Are you ready to unlock the incredible power of love and compassion within yourself? Join me for an enlightening journey through a transformative four week workshop to guide you back towards self compassion.

What to Expect:

Guided Meditations: Immerse yourself in the profound practice of loving-kindness and compassion meditation. Explore techniques that will help you cultivate a heart full of love to enhance your well-being and reconnect you back to yourself.

Broaden Your Horizons: Expand your capacity for empathy and connection, fostering deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people around you and the world at large.

Self and Other-Care: Learn how to extend love and compassion to yourself, paving the way for increased self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Evidence-Based Practices: My workshop draws from the latest research in the field of psychology, which highlights the immense potential of these practices in promoting psychological well-being and reducing stress.

Community: Join a community of women coming together with a shared intention of connection and healing.

Each Class is infused with:

Self development immersion
Tools and strategies
A weekly angel card message
Relaxation to calm your Nervous System

A take home gratitude workbook that draws on self compassion
And SO much support

Workshop Details:




A beautiful experience to open your heart, enrich your life, and take care of your inner self.


Casey R, Perth

Thank you so much again for this wonderful course. The benefits your courses make to myself and my life are immeasurable. The lessons learnt to support my relationships with myself, family & friends have had such a positive impact. I have learnt new skills in my personal & professional life and feel I have grown even more myself. Thank you for sharing your love and kindness with me

Jocelyn M, Perth

Stephanie, you have been truly amazing. Your light shines so bright & when your teaching you can see your heart and soul. This workshop has been truly amazing and life changing.

Vicky T, Perth

Stephanie has an energy that naturally draws people. Her smile and aura are just the help and blessing people need that has the power to heal.

Kaitlyn B, Perth

"Stephanie what a beautiful and calming soul you are. I honestly felt relaxed as soon as I entered the room. You taught me how to trust myself more when it comes to meditating. I was always doubting if I was doing it right but with your knowledge and guidance you filled in the blanks for me with meditation and I feel confident now to continue meditating on a daily basis." 

Raquel G, Perth

This past 6 weeks I have felt a massive shift in my life. Not only have I noticed it but so have my family & friends. I feel more grounded and have learnt so much about myself I never knew. I didn't realise we could hold ourselves back so much. I look forward to the future & continuing my journey. Thank you for enlightening me.

Aneka, R Perth

Stephanie is amazing!! She is so welcoming, knowledgeable and provides incredible guidance. I have enjoyed every moment of every workshop session!!


Anita, Perth

Thank you for everything you have given to me. I have totally changed my way of thinking and am in a better space.


Melissa M, Perth

"Stephanie's workshop has been a valuable and life changing experience. I have been able to alter my perceptions of myself and the world around me. I feel more calm, centred and energised through the strategies and methods Stephanie has taught." 

Mariane M, Perth

Thank you Steph for this amazing experience. I have gained so much from your workshop. I've learned how to love myself again, how to let go of pain and hurt from others. And I have become so much more connected and enlightened. I now stop and enjoy the little things. You're so inspiring and I love listening to you!

Bronwyn H, Perth

This class has reconnected me back to me. I have been looking for this for a long long time and I am so grateful to have found it." 

Nannette P, Perth

A big thank you to you for being a guiding light and for helping me to explore the life-changing potential of meditation. I had my nieces wedding over the weekend and received so many messages from my angels. I am forever grateful for people like you who remind me of what is truly important in life.

Sarah W, Perth

"Steph lives and breathes what she teaches. She is such a warm and engaging presenter as well as being knowledgeable and wise. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking some soul food." 


Tamara G, Perth 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed every night and have looked forward to it each week. Giving back to myself has been so worthwhile and rebalanced me. The energy a room full of women can create is amazing and humbling." 

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