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I met Steph almost 5 years ago when I was part of her Meditation group, I also spent time working with her 1.1, Steph is the first person I ever had real and raw conversations with, she asked me the hard questions that I know I needed to answer but had been afraid to my whole life, this opened up a whole new world to me. I recently spent six months working with Steph to dig deep and work on healing myself in areas I knew I needed to work on, particularly old childhood patterns and grief.  Steph offers a safe and confidential space which allowed me to open up and work through the pain while feeling supported. Through the work we did together I was able to let go of some old beliefs and make way for the new, building self-esteem allowing me to explore the possibilities of what life can offer.

Sloane Mackenzie


Highly recommend this beautiful, talented lady.  My healing journey was tailored specific to my needs and helped release, and heal, issues which had been lurking from decades ago.  I now have a better connection with myself and definitely living more authentically.    Stephanie’s array of meditations are magical too, and her voice envokes calm, serenity and peace.  Thank you so much for everything.

Zofia T


Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have met Stephanie. She is an angel sent from up above , a radiant soul and an amazing healer.The moment I met Stephanie I was greeted with a beautiful smile and welcoming embrace. Every time I entered her room I felt peace,calm and safe from any judgement. She guided me through the darkness and helped me see the light. For a long time I was unconscious of the way I was living. I was in constant fear,worry,stress, self judgement the list can go on. I felt lost and alone and tired of feeling the way I did . I joined her 6 months healer ways course to journey back to my core self and to learn how to love me and give myself worth. There’s been so many uncomfortable moments facings my triggers, my pain but I’m so blessed to have had Stephanie be there for me as I become vulnerable.Thank you Stephanie for helping grow to be the person I am today and be light for myself and my children. You are truely gifted.

Cristina Pavic

Steph, what can I say. I came to see Steph to help out with issues I had and how to help resolve them. I have actually learned how to love myself and stop small issues becoming huge. I have also got the tools to do things for me when needed. Steph has also helped me change the way I see and do things which I think has been great. It has helped me greatly in my daily life . Thanks Steph for being there and you love and empathy.


I am so very blessed to have crossed paths with Steph and started my healing journey with this kind, gentle beautiful soul.  I found it so hard in the beginning to even articulate what I felt. Being shutdown to my emotions, thoughts and being stuck in life for so long made it so hard to express myself. Steph’s patients, kindness and words that were so simple but life changing to me “I’m here for you” it’s ok, I’m proud of you” I know it’s hard but I’m here. Her ability to be able to dig at what needed to be brought to surface, is what makes Steph so perfect at what she does. The reiki healings throughout the sessions brought lightness, clarity, good sleep and acknowledgement of my inner child who had been neglected for so very long. 


Even when it wasn’t my day to see her, Steph would check in on me in her own time. She said from the beginning she was here for me and she really meant it.


I can’t express how much this journey with Steph has helped my everyday life, my family,

friends and most importantly me. I feel I’ve been given permission to put myself first and that it is really okay to do that.  The trauma which I’ve carried from my childhood I thought was normal but Steph in her gentle way explained to me it was not. To be told that it was not ok, was such a huge thing to hear and be able to process that in a safe, warm, calm non-judgmental environment was so spiritually healing. I honestly cannot thank you Steph enough.  I’m forever in awe of you. You changed my life - how powerful is that.



A year or so ago I had been going through a difficult time in my life, I had no self-confidence, low self-esteem, no self-love and had lost who I was. This lead to me having quite bad anxiety and no control over my emotions, which lead to outbursts and periods of darkness. In turn I began taking prescription medication for this problem, which was a quick fix. I was under the false impression that I could deal with everything myself and that I was ‘fine’ when in fact all I was doing was harming myself mentally, putting myself last and hindering my healing.

A friend kept telling me to give life coaching with Steph a go, however because I felt that I was doing okay, I never went. Towards the end of last year I decided that I no longer wanted to settle for quick fixes and instead wanted to heal myself properly. It took a lot of courage for me to go to life coaching as I didn’t want to share the parts of me that I felt were damaged, I also had my reservations as I felt that simply talking to someone would not help me. I was certainly wrong. Steph helped me to uncover and heal those parts of me that I had pushed to the side. We didn’t just talk but worked on strategies to implement in my day to day life that helped me heal and reconnect to my true self. Some strategies were so simple, yet they have had such a profound impact on my life and me as a person. 

The most powerful moment in my life coaching was when I noticed a change within myself, I started to feel lighter, as if I had truly healed and become me again. This was so significant for me as I really did believe that I would never change my mental state, I felt it was impossible. It’s great when others see a change in you, but it is even more amazing when you notice that change in yourself and I have Steph’s incredible skills to thank for that. From our work together I was able to re-discover the love and respect I used to have for myself and re-connect to the spiritual aspects of myself that I had neglected. I now feel at peace with who I am and I deal with situations in a completely different manner because I know I can handle them without breaking down; I feel a lot braver and truly believe in myself. 

For me this experience was life changing and it was something I truly needed. I would recommend Steph to anyone who is feeling lost in any aspect of their lives as her compassion, knowledge and raw honesty will help you change your journey and re-connect to your true self.

Adriana R, Perth

For as long as I can remember, anxiety and worry had been a huge part of my life. It gradually became a daily struggle to keep the upsetting thoughts at bay. Having seen numerous physiologists, and having tried medication I eventually turned to a friend of mine for some life coaching sessions. These sessions helped me to review my entire life, I made positive changes to every aspect of my life and in turn my attitude, my energy and my happiness all started to dramatically improve. With help from Stephanie I re found my self-love and my self-worth. Stephanie was the turning point in my life and I recommend her to anyone who needs some guidance especially those suffering anxiety.

Sarah Ruggiero, Perth
I was so happy to find Stephanie and her practice. Part of the scope and sequence for Health Studies in year 11 is exploring complementary and alternative health medicine. My students had a real-life experience thanks to Stephanie. They responded extremely well to her practice and gave positive feedback. Stephanie informed my students about the benefits and ensured their comfort. I had many students requesting to do more sessions after experiencing and knowing how great meditation is for their general wellness.
Kristina B, Teacher Balcatta Senior High School

Stephanie’s program was informative for people who has misconception about meditation, it allowed all students to relax and think positively throughout the day. I would recommend this program to everyone. 

This program was a great experience. It gave me an open mind while relaxing my whole mind and body. I will for sure recommend this to anyone who would like to heal their mental and physical health. The outcome was outstanding, leaving me with a positive mindset!

I find meditation very interesting because based on my experience, it can relax both your mind and body. It can also make your life more productive. It was such a great privilege for a first timer like me. 

At first I didn’t think meditation was as great as people say, but then with this experience and the research I did for my assignment I have realised how good and helpful it truly is. I think meditation has a lot of benefits and I would recommend it.

The program was a good experience. It released my stress.

Year 11 Students, Balcatta Senior High School

"Well, I had the most amazing experience last night, Reiki Healing with the lovely Stephanie D'Ovidio. As I was driving home afterwards, all I kept thinking to myself was how amazing I feel, the shift I have felt is hard to explain. The energy that was in the room was like no other. 


Thank you Steph from the bottom of my heart, you are such an inspiration"

Anita, from Anita's Essential Oils

"Just wanted to say thank you for the most amazing Reiki session this morning. You have a gift and I cannot recommend you enough. I can't wait to come again. Incredible."

Sonia T, Perth

Before I meet Stephanie I was emotional, angry and had lost all direction and enjoyment in life. I had just been through an extremely traumatic, unplanned birth experience and was struggling terribly. Whilst working with Steph I had so many ahhhh haaaa moments. I recall very clearly asking for help coping with the fact I was terrified to enjoy anything incase I was presented with another traumatic experience. I was shocked yet relieved and enlightened for the answer to be that the fear, anger and upset was really coming from confidence. I was frightened I wouldn't be able to deal with a trauma again and in fact I had shown over and over again how capable and strong I was. Because of the way Steph coached me I now feel confident, happier, and in control of my emotions. I believe that Steph’s guidance was a life changer for me and a life saver in so many ways. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who is feeling lost or needs assistance with life skills.
Sarah Tuhoey, Melbourne
I had won 3 life coaching sessions with Stephanie and it came when I really needed it. My first session, I felt a little lost and un-focused about my future goals regarding my employment. Working through the steps of what I wanted to achieve from these sessions pulled me back into focussing on what I truly wanted in my life. Also having Stephanie there to pose certain questions that had to be asked was very helpful. It also encouraged me to move forward and do what I know I had to do to create the happiness I wanted in that particular situation. I would totally recommend life coaching to anyone who has reservations about doing it. What have you got to lose…except maybe you’re inhibitions!
Pamela B, Perth

I write this testimonial in support and recommendation of Stephanie D’Ovidio as a Life Coach. I sorted the help of Stephanie at a time in my life when I was feeling obstructed by social anxiety and self-doubt. Coaching helped to raise my awareness of my lack of confidence and assisted me in recognising that I was a self-doubter.

As a result of the coaching sessions with Stephanie I was able to build my self-confidence and lessen my self-doubts by redirecting my thoughts of self-talk. I now feel more confident and have much more clarified thoughts. My every day life is no longer blocked by social anxiety. I would recommend Stephanie D’Ovidio as a Life Coach and Meditation Teacher, to anyone who wants to reach certain goals, gain more clarity and focus or needs support navigating through a difficult time in their life.

Simone Pavils, Adelaide

I have known Steph for over 15 years. I knew she had embarked on a career in life coaching so it seemed natural that when I felt like I had lost my purpose and had no direction in my life that she would be the perfect person to see. I realised very quickly that this wasn't a sympathetic chat with a friend but an in depth conversation with a true professional working her magic. Steph made me realise there was a lot of things buried within me that were preventing me from moving on with my life and making clear cut decisions. I'm a closed book when it comes to my feelings and Steph knew just how to get me to open up and deal with the issues that were deeply affecting all areas of my life. I know I wouldn't have been able to breakthrough without Steph's assistance and I would still be stuck and searching for my purpose. I recommend Steph to anyone not just because she will help you get results but because she cares and not just for the hour or so you are there, but she always makes herself available if you need her. Steph is an all round incredible human being who is always honest, trustworthy, compassionate and very caring. Whatever the issue, life in general, relationships, trauma etc Steph is always ready to handle any situation.

Amanda S, Perth

I enjoyed hearing both of the lived experienced stories and what changes they have made in their lives. They have given examples of how "they practice what they preach"! I enjoyed having someone put a different spin on my thoughts and showing me that I already know what I want in my life and I have the tools to make this happen whenever I chose to be open to change. The presenters were easy to relate with and made me feel like we are all there to support each other. The session had a workshop vibe with everyone feeling comfortable to share parts of their lives together. I left feeling empowered and happy with a passion for life.. for my own life, instead of worrying about everyone else before me!

Casey, Perth

Steph, your story and your confidence in sharing it was so inspirational. I think it was pivotal to us opening our minds and spirits to invite change... Which for me is the toughest part! So thank you!! The content was great, and the workbook helped me to understand it more deeply once I'd got home and unpacked what I'd heard.

Rochelle Burns, Perth

I didn't quite know what to expect going into the Reiki session. I had heard some positive and negative things about it. Recently, I have struggled with really bad anxiety and my mind was absolutely chaos. Stephanie made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during the session. It was a different experience and I felt things through my body which I didn't know I was able to experience. I would definitely recommend Reiki to anyone who wants to feel refreshed and less stressed in everyday living. The next day I felt lighter with lots of energy and more relaxed. Thanks Steph!

Elisa D, Perth

Steph allowed me to get to know myself, how my breathing helps to heal and self belief in my ability to improve.

Daniela B, Perth

What I found different to other meditations I've attended is that Steph almost couples it with a counselling session. Perfect mix of information vs meditation. 

Jess M, Perth

A well presented course, I would love to attend another course too!" 
Bec, M Perth

Steph you have been a positive influence on me and helped me with ways to improve my confidence and how to deal with certain things.
Tracy S, Perth

Very knowledgable, creative and kind instructor. The meditation course was very relaxing and game me the opportunity to switch off.

Rhiannon C, Perth

Thank you Steph, this is just what I needed to bring some balance back into my life. Was great to learn about the Chakras. 

Anita T, Perth

I looked forward to my weekly meditation class and loved that I could meditate each week with a new guided audio at home to keep me motivated and on track.

Tanya Robinson, Perth

Thank you for making new habits stick, and for sharing your knowledge.

Christina P, Perth

The four week meditation workshop has been so enjoyable and relaxing to come too. Steph has taught me many things and now meditation is something that I have brought into my everyday routine. Something I have loved coming to every week and would do it again.

Joseph F, Perth

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