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Work with me

Option 1:

1-hour intuitive healing session 

Immerse yourself in a beautiful energetic healing container to work through blockages in your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. This is a great way to bring balance back in your body and ground yourself. It’s especially good for highly sensitive individuals who naturally absorb a lot of energy around them. I provide intuitive insights into your struggles and also work with crystals to amplify healing benefits.

Cost: $120

To book text me on 0416 698 178.

Option 2:

Your Healing Journey

This is for the woman who would love to take steps forward in finding out more about herself and start her healing journey. During our time together we will explore your blockages and get clear on your goals and ideal outcomes. We will be exploring how to help you move out of unhealthy conditioning, patterns and behaviours to help you feel more aligned and connected with your true self. This is a supportive container to help you cultivate a life you love.


12 x 1:1 60-minute weekly coaching sessions (phone or in-person)
A workbook with guided activities and reflections to support you.


Cost: $1,222 (payment options available).

To find out more click below to register your interest.



Option 3:

Expansion into Light

A journey for women who want to move deeper into communion with herself, her loved ones and Spirit. Expansion into light is about expanding into one’s most authentic self, it is a 10 month multi-dimensional experience for women who want to move to the next level of her growth.

For more information click below.




Become a Reiki Healer:

Level: Reiki 1

Be initiated into Reiki healing energy to build your connection to Spirit and practice energy healings on yourself and loved ones. 

It includes:  A full day workshop, initiations into Reiki and morning and afternoon tea. $350

Level: Reiki 2

Be initiated into Reiki II powerful healing energy and receive three symbols to use on your clients and everyday life.

It includes:  A full day workshop, initiations into Reiki, symbols and morning and afternoon tea. $450

Level: Master Reiki Practitioner

Expressions of interest are taken, master level is for experienced practitioners.


"I am grateful that the universe sent me Stephanie at a time I needed her most. What I learned in the 6 weeks will stick with me for life. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to realign and heal."


Molly Harris

"Thank you Stephanie for giving me this safe space to spend time on myself and start a connection I have been missing all my life."

Marjkya Smith

"Stephanie is such a warm and charismatic person. She truly inspires me to do more and be more. She has a real talent for making you appreciate and value yourself."


Tamica Payne

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