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The Winter Blues

Winter is a time of retreating back into our cave, it is so cold most people want to stay in doors rugged up with a blanket and a hot cup of tea. Winter is a wonderful time to slow down and allow the inner reflections to occur, so we can look at what is present within our mind and body which needs to be released. It's a wonderful opportunity to work on our stuff so once spring hits with the sun warming our atmosphere causing the flowers and plant life to blossom, we also flourish too. Life is a bit like that, we go through different seasons and we must honour our body in what it is constantly trying to communicate to us in our everyday life. Lately the conversations I have been experiencing lately with my clients is they feel unfulfilled. They feel "off" and have a lack of motivation but they aren't sure what it is exactly. Winter contributes to these feelings, but don't hit the panic button when you experience these emotions. Sit with them in meditation, and view them from a place of non judgement. Much like how you cradle a child in your arms, you too can cradle your inner disturbances. Sometimes they just need space and presence, and it will shift on it's own. If you would like to learn more about meditation or improve your practice I have just released my day and evening classes. My workshops are jam packed with tools to help you create calm in your life by reconnecting mind, body and soul. Click below for more information: Day Classes Evening Classes

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