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A Holistic Path to Connection
Intuitive guidance, energetic healings and coaching to empower women towards connection.

Welcome beautiful soul,

I'm Stephanie D'Ovidio

My mission is to guide women in becoming connected, release stress, be present and create meaningful relationships. I'm particularly dedicated to the transformative journey of embracing femininity. By nurturing and growing in your feminine essence, you can positively influence your life and relationships, creating a profound impact on every aspect of your life.

For the last eight years I have supported hundreds of women through my private coaching/healing practice and through workshops to heal and awaken. I also teach and mentor those who would like to become healers themselves.

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This past six weeks I have felt a massive shift in my life, not only have I noticed it but so have my family and friends. I feel more grounded and have learnt so much about myself I never even knew. I didn't realise we could hold ourselves back so much. I look forward to the future and continuing my journey. Thank you for enlightening me, I look forward to doing another course in the future.

Raquel Gismondi

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