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Honour Your Self Expression

From the many women I have worked with through one on one coaching and in my workshops, a common theme appears. Most women feel like they can’t express themselves or they’re too scared to show themselves fully. Many women don’t say what needs to be said, because they’re worried about running the risk of offending someone. Many women have gifts and talents that nobody knows about because they don’t want to be seen as weird or different. Many women hide their pain, using addictions such as emotions, food, gossiping or watching too many episodes on Netflix for example, in order to avoid that pain. Many women are too scared to be seen as the “bad” person, when all they’re doing is honouring themselves and doing the thing that makes them happy. You have to realise, to live life according to your will it’s going to hurt sometimes and the path may be a lonely one. It’s going to require you to do what’s best for you even when nobody understands. Life will ask of you to feel the fear, and still move forward regardless. You have a choice though, walk the path less travelled that includes honouring yourself or walk the path everyone would like you to take. I know which one I will be taking!! Sometimes living a self expressive and spiritual life is going to be tough, but remember you’re stronger then any of your fears or societies limits. It’s a disservice to humanity that you don’t live according to your will. Now free your self expression!

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