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Spiritual Practices for Children

It's important that we guide our children in staying connected to themselves in a world that demands so much from our little people. The skills they learn as children is fundamental to their adult years when life puts them to the test they will recall what you practised with them each day.

Here is a list of what we do in our home:

1. Soul gazing, Juliano especially loves soul gazing. We usually do it after a shower he has his shirt off (I love skin to skin contact) wraps his arms around me and we gaze into each others eyes. I want my children to understand presence, seeing someone beyond the physical, feel confident and respect others with no judgement.

2. We dance around the house like crazy people to let out energy and to use our body as a way to release or connect. We also sing very loudly (and poorly 😄) and just have fun.

3. If the kids are having a bad week, I give them a body massage or reiki. Helping them to release tension, they are just like us and store tension in the body that requires releasing. (I teach reiki if your interested in learning).

4. I place my hands on their feet and ground their energy, my children are both very energetic. I always laugh as people think I have very quite children, actually no it’s quite the opposite. They are very expressive!

5. We pray before we eat at dinner. This isn’t about religion. This is about expressing gratitude for the food that is on the table every night!

6. At dinner we also say three things we are grateful for to remember how blessed we are to live this life!

7. And we meditate. Sienna’s favourite meditation is chanting she will often sit for 15 to 20 minutes with me chanting.

8. They carry crystals in their pockets when they attend school. Each time they miss me or feel sad they squeeze the crystal to remind them that they are safe and loved.

9. Most of all, my life is a spiritual experience. We are the role models to our children!

Enjoy creating your spiritual practises with your children!

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